Why Us?

We've designed, developed and QA tested our wireless broadband internet solution in direct response to the lack of quality ISP services provided by both our wired and wireless competitors in our service area. We've been customers of our competition in the past. They haven't lived up to our standards of service, nor their stated promises.

Our customers asked us for something better. We're giving it to them.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We'll work with you to design a customized solution to fit your business needs and budget. Are you hesitant about signing a long-term contract? No problem. We can deal with that. Want a long-term contract that provides for significant cost savings for your business? We can do that as well.

Any way you need IT, we do IT.

Sensible Contract. No Contract. Your Choice.

We don't believe your business needs to be forced to use our service if you don't want it to. There are no cancellation penalties, fees or other charges built-in to our contracted service plans. If you sign a contract with us and we fail to perform our obligations you won't be punished for our mistakes. Guaranteed.

We understand your concerns. Again, we 've been customers of the same providers you have. We've been locked into long-term contracts before and we've experienced the same disappointments you have. We know what happens when your provider fails you and then demands you to pay a cancellation fee for their mistakes when you have to go elsewhere.

Have a service contract with us already? Found a cheaper price? Let us know. We're more than happy to compare apples-to-apples and if we find a competitor has undercut our price for the same level of service, you bet we'll come to the bargaining table. Guaranteed.